Guttman Community College Students on a biodiversity-focused trip to Ecuador, 2015; photo courtesy of Derek Tesser,

Are you interested in studying for a Ph.D. at CUNY in environmental science? The environmental science work we do at the ASRC brings together a number of different fields; ecology, computer science, data visualization, modeling, remote sensing, mathematics, public health, and social science are just a few examples. We are looking for enthusiastic graduate students who are interested in world-leading interdisciplinary science!

Please take a look through our research interests and faculty lists and start the applications process now! CUNY PhD programs in environmental science-related work can be undertaken in a variety of programs:


  1. Look through our research interests to get a sense of the type of work we do at the ASRC. Also look through our faculty page to find out more information about our backgrounds and research interests. What area of work would you be interested in learning about?
  2. Please send a cover letter and resume to Make sure to describe your educational and research backgrounds, along with the areas of research that are of interest to you. Please also suggest potential CUNY faculty members with whom you would like to work.
  3. We will review these materials and contact you with recommended routes to proceed.


Graduate positions in dendroecology and terrestrial biogeochemical cycling research to start in Fall 2018 are available in Dr. Andrew Reinmann’s lab in the Environmental Sciences Initiative! 

Dr. Reinmann’s lab studies carbon and nitrogen cycling in forest and urban ecosystems, encompassing topics that include forest ecology/productivity, tree physiology, land use and land cover change, and climatic controls on ecosystem carbon exchange and storage.

Students would pursue a degree in either the Biology (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior; January 1st application deadline) or the Earth and Environmental Sciences (December 15th application deadline) program at the Graduate Center, CUNY ( and conduct research at the CUNY’s interdisciplinary state-of-the-art research and instrumentation facility, the Advanced Science Research Center, Environmental Sciences Initiative ( Funding is available through a combination of research and teaching assistantships.


Applicants should be independent and highly motivated with experience conducting academic and/or field research. If interested, please send a letter with your research interests, experiences, and career goals, along with a CV (including GRE scores and GPA) and names of 3 references to Dr. Andrew Reinmann ( To learn more about his lab, please visit Note, because of the close deadline, please contact him ASAP if you are interested.